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Design Products
Fixtures by Stonecreek expressing Low Energy and Design Themes

Historic Nostalgic-Early to late period hammered to caste forms.
Example- By combining actual period hardware with hand blown glass, low energy restoration lighting can be an exquisite detail to any interior.

Historic Organic Designs

Heritage-Cultural-Points of interest or National Parks.

Example- Using high output low energy illumination combined with hammered copper backlit silhouettes makes the depiction of Parkway mountain scenes come alive. 

Organic heritage theme lighting designs

Organic- Natural forms as found locally.
Example- Combining low energy luminaries accented by many types of flowing organic Flora as with rhododendron leaves and weaving limbs defines warmth and nature in any lighting environment.

Organic enviromental illumination

Hospitality- Inns

Example- Dual controled multi-function low energy portables for both casual and detail illumination. 

Brookstown Inn Custom Lighting

Hospitality- Hotels

- Matching corridor and wall sconce design low energy fixtures.

Marriott Town Place Suites Spec. Fulfillment

Leisure- flowing solitude, welcomed by comfort and warmth.

ExampleDual controlled low energy decorative fixtures combining low energy backlit custom  handcrafted silhouettes presenting wall wash in multiple configurations. 

Organic Leasure Low Voltage fixture designs

Enterprise- Commercial identity or community message.

Example- Low energy custom perf-art designs to accommodate any theme as in this example located in a local wineries tasting room.

Enterprise Organic Low Energy Lighting Designs

Eclectic Arts-Non-closed geometric forms of luminary expression.

Example- Combining nostalgic hardware with sculpted copper in presenting a unique art in fixture design specific to a residential or commercial application. 

Eclectic organic lighting
Function, Utility-
Multi-surface illumination

Example- Art lighting can be functional and low energy when combined with innovation as with this East Lake influenced pot rack system. 
Organic Utility & Functional Low Voltage Designs


Example- Unique casual settings demand attention when properly illuminated to reflect character and warmth with the environment. A canopy system to accommodate large and small dinning tables with custom finishing adds a great depth to flexibility.

Agricultural Organic emphasis lighting

Wall Designs
Timber Beam
Ceiling Flush
Ceiling Pendent
Ceiling Chandelier
Ceiling Hung Pot Rack Systems
Lantern Designs
Ornamental Non-Electric
About StonecreekLighting TrendsCurrent InnovationOrganic Fixture StylesDesign ProductsProject TestimonialsContact Us